1. There is nothing, maybe just air and sky, if that. It is, however, freezing cold. Then a light, like a sundog, spreads vertically, infinitely. I understand it to be an infinite, vertical rainbow. Everything around it is gray. It may or may not contain all of the colors of the rainbow. It might contain just three, including green. I associate it with the green flash of the sunset. There are no people, there is no consciousness, except a very rational, mathematical one perceiving the rainbow. I suppose it must be mine. It is cutting the world in half, and one half falls sideways, the “bad” half.
  2. The four year old girl I used to babysit is kidnapped. I am looking for her even though no one else is (perhaps her grandmother). I am looking for her underground. There are these passageways under St John’s (it is simultaneously a mall unrelated to St John’s in the dream) that reminds me of the Arab Baths in Cordoba. I finally find her and she doesn’t think anyone wants her. She is kind of unpleasant to me (as she was when I babysat her in real life) but can’t believe anybody wants her. For some reason, there is a lot of meth in this dream (in a part of the dream that did not involve the four year old girl). There are meth cigarettes called “michaels” and these crystals that you step on barefoot to get high–they cut your feet and enter your blood stream that way.
  3. I am sitting at a picnic table. It is night, probably summer because it is not cold. I am not wearing clothes. I can feel the splintering wood against my bare legs. On the picnic table is a big map, which I am not reading, but instead rearranging leaves and rocks on. My legs are apart and I am swinging them like a child would. I am angry. There is a group of people several feet away, laughing at me and pointing. The table is on a hill next to a road on which cars are passing. There is a light shining on me, probably a street lamp. It is like a spotlight. It looks like the hill on the opposite side of St Francis, near the DeVargas Mall, next to the cemetery.
  4. There is a man, whose face is blank, with a briefcase. He puts the briefcase down and opens it to reveal a grill, that is lit, with a red hot grate. On the grate is a calf, in pieces, but still alive, with the fur on and everything. It is light brown and white. It fixes one eye on me, and I know it is asking me for help.

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